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Acute renal failure (also known as acute kidney injury) is one of the most common conditions in the critical care setting. Despite its prevalence, assessing optimal treatment approaches remains difficult, due to ICU patients’ complex needs and existing comorbidities. The United States Renal Data System has indicated that the incidence of acute kidney injury is not only rising, but that patients hospitalized with acute renal failure are more likely to have a subsequent episode. Acute kidney injury is a particularly serious problem for older patients, leading to significant implications for Medicare.

National Policy Forum on Critical Care and Acute Renal Failure

The National Policy Forum on Critical Care and Acute Renal Failure has been organized to address the intersection between acute kidney injury treatment and public policy. The Forum will convene clinical experts, policy experts, and patient and provider advocates to consider what steps must be taken to promote optimal management of acute renal failure in the critical care setting. Leaders from the new Administration and Congress will be invited to listen and share perspectives in a dialogue where discussants and delegates will:

  • Consider existing clinical practices and data and assess the impact of current Medicare and other federal policies on patient treatment, health outcomes, and recurrence;
  • Formulate policy recommendations for Congress and the Department of Health and Human Services/CMS that relate to areas such as
    • Promoting improved clinical outcomes;
    • Supporting innovation;
    • Reimbursement policy considerations; and
    • Appropriate care coordination, among other areas;
  • Identify opportunities to generate new intellectual capital to address data gaps on outcomes and costs for critical care patients.

The National Policy Forum on Critical Care and Acute Renal Failure will be held on February 7th, 2017 at the Ronald Reagan International Center in Washington, DC.